Norway rat

Norway rat tracks 1 500x

Norway rat footprints.

Adult Norway rat forefeet prints about 11.5mm long by 20.2mm wide and hindfeet are about 15.7mm long by 23mm wide. Only the front half of the foot leaves a print. Norway rat footprints are broad in relation to their length, but this isn’t a reliable way to distinguish between rat species. 

Forefeet have four toes and hindfeet have five toes, and claws may show. The toes of the front foot are widely spaced in a circular pattern, whereas the three central toes of the hindfeet are in front of the central pads with the two outer toes beside the pad.  Forefeet have three main (central) pads that can be visible in tracks and hindfeet have around five.

Drawing: by Sonia Frimmel