Stoats are out there

22 October 2015

Stoat 4 sq

Stoats are, unfortunately, widespread in New Zealand but, being generally solitary and wary, they’re not often seen.

However, John Abel sent us this photo of a stoat, well camouflaged amongst rocks on the hills above Lyttelton, where he has regularly been seeing them recently.

Meanwhile, DOC Technical Adviser, Nick Poutu, has seen stoat tracks in mud several times when out and about. He sent us a photograph of stoat footprints in mud, which has now filled a gap in our stoat clue section. He found the prints on a track that crosses through scrub on the edge of some regenerating podocarp hardwood forest, near Turangi.

Thanks, John and Nick!

We still have quite a few gaps in our photo collection, which are shown with place holders. if you have a photo that might fill a gap please send it in via our Contact page and we'd be happy to check it out.