Eleven more culprits featured

3 July 2017

new Culprits 2017

We're marking Biosecurity Month 2017 with the addition of eleven more pest animal species to our list of culprits on Pest Detective.

Many thanks to the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board for enabling us to complete this extra content with the support of a generous grant, which also covered some technical work behind the scenes to improve aspects of the website's functionality.

The eleven additional species are: plague skink, dama wallaby, Bennett's wallaby, brown hare, chamois, tahr, wapiti, rainbow lorikeet, Australian magpie, rook and Canada goose. A number of these species have limited distributions in New Zealand at this stage and five of them are classified as unwanted organisms. There are currently no known wild populations of the rainbow lorikeet here although there have been in the past.