Pest animal groups

The species on the culprits page are generally grouped with other species that have similar field sign and could, therefore, be mistaken for one another. For instance, plague skink is next to mouse as their droppings are similarly small in size and in shape. Each group of more closely related species (e.g. mustelids) are arranged by size from small to large.

The images and information in the Clues section is arranged in the same species order.


 Common name

 Species name


 Plague skink

 Lampropholis delicata



 Mus musculus



 Rattus exulans


 Ship rat

 Rattus rattus


 Norway rat

 Rattus norvegicus



 Trichosurus vulpecula


 European rabbit

 Oryctolagus cuniculus cuniculus


 Brown hare

 Lepus europaeus


 Dama wallaby

 Macropus eugenii


 Bennett’s wallaby

 Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus



 Capra hircus



 Rupicapra rupicapra


 Himalayan tahr

 Hemitragus jemlahicus


 Fallow deer

 Dama dama


 Sika deer

 Cervus nippon


 Rusa deer

 Rusa timorensis


 White deer

 Odocoileus virginianus borealis


 Sambar deer

 Rusa unicolor


 Red deer

 Cervus elaphus



 Cervus canadensis



 Sus scrofa



 Erinaceus europaeus occidentalis



 Felis catus



 Mustela nivalis vulgaris



 Mustela erminea



 Mustela furo


 Rainbow lorikeet

 Trichoglossus moluccanus


 Australian magpie

 Gymnorhina tibicen



 Corvus frugilegus


 Canada goose

 Branta canadensis / Branta canadensis maxima