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We're keen to improve and further develop this Pest Detective website (resources allowing). Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

  • Please tell us how helpful you find Pest Detective, including ease of use and any specific comments you have about content.
  • Let us know which extra species you think we should add to the list of culprits in the future.
  • Please send us photographs that could help fill the gaps in our image collection or, perhaps, improve on some of our images. Images should be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels, preferably more to allow for cropping. Please also include a ruler or object that indicates the scale of the animal sign depicted. See more about copyright conditions below.
Allowed file types: jpeg, jpg, png, gif. Max file size: 5MB

When supplying a photograph for use on Pest Detective, please describe clearly what the image shows, where and when it was taken, the photographer's name and the name of the copyright holder.  We will need the copyright holder's written permission allowing Pest Detective to use the image on this website and specifying acknowledgement requirements and any other conditions of use. Note: there is no guarantee that we will use every image sent in.

You can add up to five images via this submission form. If you wish to send more, do so by a further submission form, or tell us in your message that you want to send more images and we will get back to you on how to do that.