Vertebrate pest control

Here are some good places to find information on vertebrate pest monitoring and control.

Bionet NZ

Information on the control of some species and best practice publications on vertebrate pest control and monitoring.

Department of Conservation

An A-Z of animal pests in New Zealand, with information about the habits, impacts and control of each species. See more >

Landcare Research

Information on research into the impacts and management of vertebrate pests, including control methods and animal welfare.  An online decision support system (DSS) will help you select the most appropriate cat, ferret, stoat, possum and rat control options in your locality.

Nature Space

Ecological restoration site: information on pest monitoring and pest control. See more >

Predator Free New Zealand

Various tools and resources about predator control in New Zealand.

Predator Traps

The official guides to the DOC series predator traps: > DOC 2000 (rats, hedgehogs, stoats) and > DOC 250 (rats, hedgehogs, stoats, ferrets)

Gotcha Traps

Suppliers of tracking tunnels and monitoring cards, online guide to identifying footprints. See more >

Your local regional or district council

Regional and local councils provide advice and assistance with pest control in your area. Go to Local Government New Zealand to find links to the councils in your area.

1080: The Facts

Information about the use of 1080 poison for pest control, and its effects, in New Zealand. See more >