Junior Pest Detectives

14 June 2021

20210614 Kids activities

Did you know we have a Kids' Activities page on Pest Detective?

There are currently two activity sheets and three posters. The 'Wanted! Pesky Pests' poster shows a line-up of all 30 pest animal species featured on our Culprits page.

The other two posters show drawings of the footprints that pests with paws make and footprints made by bird pests.

These two footprints posters were made recently after Christchurch Envirohub contacted us. As part of their weekly Envirokids programme, they were planning a children's activities day with Predator Free Porthills. The children would make tracking tunnels and then learn about how to identify the animals that left tracks.

Kat Miller of Envirohub commented that our activity sheets were "very good resources to match prints to pests" and asked if they could also have a printable sheet of the paws and feet to use. We were happy to oblige!

We hope to add more kids' activities as resources allow.